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The Art of War for Dating: Master Sun Tzu's Tactics to Win Over Women

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ISBN: 144050668X | 2011 | EPUB | 224 Pages | 644 KB

Dating is Hell. But don't worry-you're not flying solo. You have Sun Tzu, by way of Eric Rogell, rolling as your wingman. Rogell's taken the ancient battle strategies of the storied military general and turned out some serious dating advice. The Art of War's gone from the battlefield to the bar to score you the ultimate victory. Where Sun Tzu taught his men how to win wars, Rogell teaches you how to get laid. From easy openers for a stronger offense to advice on switching tactics based on terrain, the knowledge he drops will change the way you operate. Forget your old game plan. Failure's not an option. It's time to smarten up, man up, and accomplish your mission. This war is yours to lose. Sun Tzu boasted that the general who acted on his counsel would conquer. But if you listen to this counsel, you'll score.

The Art of War for Dating Master Sun Tzu's Tactics to Win Over Women.epub
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约会是地狱。 但请放心-您不是独飞。 您可以通过Eric Rogell的方式来扮演孙子(Sun Tzu),作为您的侧翼手。 罗格尔(Rogell)采取了这位传奇军事将领的古老战斗策略,并提出了一些严肃的约会建议。 《孙子兵法》从战场上移到了酒吧,为您赢得了最终的胜利。 孙子在哪里教他的人如何赢得战争,罗格在哪里教你如何被打败。 从轻松的揭幕战到更强壮的进攻,再到根据地形转换战术的建议,他丢下的知识将改变您的操作方式。 忘记旧的游戏计划。 失败不是一种选择。 现在是时候精打细算,忙碌起来并完成您的任务了。 这场战争是你输的。 孙子吹嘘说,代为行事的将军将被征服。 但是,如果您听取这位律师的意见,您将获得评分。